We're not based in Phoenix, weren't born in Pheonix, and have never been to Phoenix. So, why "Phoenix"?  Well...

According to legend, the Phoenix bird would end its life in flames, only to rise from the ashes to live again. That is the story of Jon Arvin and Phoenix Visuals.

After losing his first wife to cancer, Jon had to start over. God blessed him with Melanie, the two were married in March of 2005, and new life began. With Melanie's encouragement, and Jon's desire to try something new, Phoenix Visuals was born.

Now, Phoenix Visuals is committed to helping individuals and businesses breathe new life into the photos and visual elements that tell their story. Whether it is event photography, archival printing, promotional photography, photo restoration, or graphic design, it is the desire of Phoenix Visuals to help others see something new.